Music that Moves Me

Brings together the human voice in singing and The singing of the whole body in movement.

Truus Geraets created this book, based upon her deep love for music, and especially for singing.

All inspired by a life time working with Eurythmy as an Art and as Therapy

51 Pages Text, 39 Songs in Musical Notation Demonstration video, Showing how the materials can be used by parents, home schooling parents, students of early childhood, therapists working with individual children as well as with groups of younger and older people or just as a self-help book

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The Healing Power of Eurythmy

Practiced Worldwide in Different Cultural Settings

ISBN -10 3-033-00776-7

This book goes back to the wellspring and effectiveness of Eurythmy and why it is a healing art. It is written from the heart. As one book reviewer states: “This is no book. This is a Man”. In this case, it is a woman, whose life and work can not be separated.

Quote from Bob & Nancy Book Service “Whether you are a patient, a parent or a eurythmist, THERE IS NO BETTER BOOK AVAILABLE ON THIS SUBJECT”.

More quotes: “Highly readable and accessible”.

“The whole book is exciting, as it describes such original intuitions in each individual case”.

“Thank you for your wonderful research.”

Read further endorsements from the Pedagogical and Medical Sections at the Goetheanum, as well as from the Section for the Arts of Eurythmy, Speech, Drama and Music below

104 A-4 pages, spiral bound. Includes 26 full-color pages

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Die Heilende Wirkung der Eurythmie

Lebenskunst, Weltweit Praktiziert in Verschiedenen Kulturen

ISBN -103-033-00633-7

104 A-4 pages, spiral bound

Includes 26 full-color pages

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and Love for Children in South Africa

1993 Schaumburg Publications

Chicago ISBN 0-935698

The reader will find a detailed description of what it takes to start a social initiative in a foreign country and in a foreign culture – in this case in South Africa, where Truus felt compelled to go in 1984, during the time of Apartheid. Through her initiative and in collaboration with other colleagues it was possible to build bridges between blacks and whites and establish a better education (Waldorf pedagogy) for thousands of children.

This is very important reading for young people who wish to learn how one person with courage and compassion can make a difference in this world.

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Uriel, St. John’s Hymn for Speech Chorus and Eurythmy

Part I: The Elements

Part II: The St. John’s Imagination

by Wilfried Hammacher

Translation by Truus Geraets

self-published in English

ISBN for German Edition: 3-7235-1144-9

Very little is known about this mysterious archangel, about whom Ralph Waldo Emerson wrote in his poem Uriel: “As Uriel spoke with piercing eye, a shudder ran around the sky.”

The 20-page poetic diction is based on two lectures by Rudolf Steiner. The play is very suitable for performances at Midsummer Festivals. This book portrays a wonderful sense of the being of the elementals.

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Artistic Movement - Circle Games

This book has games, poems and songs with musical notation; and is appropriate for pre-school, kindergarden and first grade. Artistic Movement - Circle Games is partially based on Eurythmy. There are translations from Dutch and German circle games as well as new artistic movement activities based on Eurythmy.

28 pages $14 plus $4 postage

The Secret World - an Epos

by F. W. Zeylmans van Emmichoven

Translation by Truus Geraets

self-published from Dutch original

The Secret World was written during WWII when Holland was occupied by the Germans and the Dutch people suffered from extreme hunger and cold. In those days the contents of this booklet must have been a great comfort for the people. It can also, now, lift us into realms of eternal truths and deeper understanding of man and the world.

28 pages $12 plus $2 postage

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You'll want to return again and again to the wellspring of health, inspiration and understanding, that The Healing Power of Eurythmy offers. ~ Bob and Nancy Book Service

The Healing Power of Eurythmy is incredible. It is highly readable and accessible for parents.

~ Holly Derheim, Development Director Waldorf School of Orange County

The Healing Power of Eurythmy shows in exemplary fashion, that it is possible to work again and again, a topic in a new and original way. Not as an example to be copied, but as a stimulus toward the awakening of the own originality. ~ Christoph Wiechert, Head of the Pedagogical Section of the Anthroposophical Society at the Goetheanum in Dornach

Truus Geraets’ story can, indeed, be stimulating and encouraging for everyone – especially for Eurythmists, for work in the different social settings of our society. ~ Werner Barford, Head of the Section for Speech and Music of the Anthroposophical Society at the Goetheanum in Dornach

We will need to make The Healing Power of Eurythmy available to all doctors world-wide, working out of the Anthroposophical Medical impulse. ~ Micheala Glockler, Head of the Medical Section of the Anthroposophical Society at the Goetheanum in Dornach

Thank you for your wonderful book, which has arisen out of the fullness and the power of Therapeutic Eurythmy. Within the collected bibliography – some 650 texts – it is unique, as nowhere is spoken in such a direct, open and courageous manner about the inner wellsprings and effectiveness of Eurythmy. For me, it is a glimmer of hope, that there are people working in the healing profession with this kind of courage. ~ Beatrix Hachtel, Editor Therapeutic Eurythmy Bibliography

Book review by Gabriela Jungel in the Goetheanum Weekly – Nov. 10, 2006

Treasure Chest

In this book Truus Geraets shares with us her rich experience, working with Eurythmy and Therapeutic Eurythmy. She shows a deep respect for the inner core of people from all walks of life and tries to find individual solutions for their problems. She has a special gift to deeply emphasize with the different needs people have, to enter the drama of their lives and help in the process of transforming it into a “cosmic drama.”

How is she able to translate her observations into a plan of action?

Truus Geraets finds a way in every instance to let people enjoy the Eurythmy. As she says herself, “one should have fully internalized all what was given in the Eurythmy training in order to be fully awake to the reality of the given moment.” To work effectively as a therapist, one should have achieved a certain degree of inner peace and certainty; she finds the strength to do this through her meditative practice and works with the spiritual insights of Rudolf Steiner. Truus Geraets describes her work this way: “The meditative work, whereby one visualizes a person in their wholeness, call up healing forces in oneself and brings intuitions and inspiration how to help with very difficult problems. The biggest challenge is to translate one’s multiple observations into a plan of action.” She always starts there, where the person is at, in terms of his or her development at that moment.

She worked on three continents; she describes a great variety of encounters, some quite intimate. Besides the Eurythmy, she also uses some other modes of therapy, fine-tuning them to each other and choosing what would be most helpful to the person, while sensing how she can best reach that person. Some of these modes are counseling with adults, drawing with children or singing. Geraets creates meaningful stories, makes drawings to clarify things, does ball play and asks challenging question to the children, to help them to find courage and make new steps in their development. She also uses “Metamorphic Foot Massage” as well as “Holding Therapy.”

Geraets shows great flexibility in her reactions to given circumstances. In the work with underprivileged children and trainees in South Africa, she used Kleenex tissues instead of silken cloths. When Kleenex, too, became unavailable, she used fir tree branches, the kind with the long needles. Always playful and full of fantasy are the different rhythmical games she describes.

Finding her own ways

Geraets finds her own ways. For example: When doing Eurythmy workshops, she lets people first speak the poem together, then they speak and do movements to the poem, but then she leaves out the spoken word altogether, relying only on the speaking with gestures. This way the feeling arises in the group that they “speak” together, but now through their movements. Also, when there is no instrument or piano player, she uses her own voice. “It is my conviction that the singing voice produces the most beautiful sounds and the effect of it can be deeper than that of a musical instrument.”

Geraets’ lifelong engagement with the alphabet is apparent in the colorful drawings for each letter of the alphabet, which are to be found at the back of the book. The impressions they make on me are like living dynamic beings, some also have a plantlike quality: colorful forms of language to be used as visual aids.

Sometimes I had hoped that the individual steps of the therapy would have been more detailed in their description. Geraets sometimes assumes that people have knowledge of the subject, at other time, she does not assume anything. It is therefore, not clear for which target group this book was written. In her catchword register (for doctors, curative educators, teachers, kindergarten teachers, parents and grandparents) the broad spectrum comes to the fore and makes this book into a kind of treasure chest of experiences, full of inspiring examples.

Throughout the whole book the mood of prayer of the Ojibwa Native Americans prevails: “Teach us love, compassion and respect, so that we may heal the earth, so that we may heal each other.”

(Translated from German)