Two Workshops, June & July 2010

at the Waldorf School of Orange County

Caring for the Self

21 to 25 June, Mon-Fri 9-4

Eurythmy for Homeschooling Waldorf Parents

5 to 9 July, Mon-Fri 9-4

both Eurythmy workshops with Truus


Mandala Centering Work
and Metamorphic Foot Massage

details below, or click event title

Caring for the Self

21-25 June, 9-4

based on Truus’ book The Healing Power of Eurythmy

Eurythmy for Homeschooling Waldorf Parents

5-9 July, 9-4

Dreams for your Child(ren):

at Waldorf School of Orange County, 2350 Canyon Drive, Costa Mesa CA

cost for 5-day workshop: $250   (ask about student discount)

to reserve your space, send $100 minimum deposit to:

Voicemail 949 646 6392       click to email Truus

Excerpts from Truus’ book

The Healing Power of Eurythmy:

“I am careful to make sure that the atmosphere is light, yet sacred and that neither the children nor adults feel discouraged, but rather, good about what they are doing.”

“One can see why Eurythmy could be called a training ground, whereby one learns to stand in one’s own space and can experience what it means to be centered.”

“By doing Eurythmy, we engage ourselves actively in our own healing process. We may draw on the inexhaustible resources available to us, if we open our hearts and make an effort to connect with the world of the archetypes.”