Metamorphic Foot Massage is a very subtle treatment that was developed by Robert St. John in the ‘60’s and has been carried forward by many practitioners all over the world. My first exposure was in 1982, which intrigued me to learn more about the possibilities of this kind of deep metamorphic healing technique. I received my training in 1994, at a time when I was unable to do Eurythmy for half a year. In that time, I had a full practice treating children and adults with Metamorphic Foot Massage.

The gentle massage is done to the bony ridge on the inside of the foot, which reflects the nine months in the womb. The big toe, up to the first joint, represents the pre-conception period. This Metamorphic Foot Massage Technique affects the blueprint of the entire person and can thus bring about profound changes. This enables the individual’s innate intelligence to become free of deep blocks in their body’s energy pattern and brings about a resolution of stuck patterns at the root of problems in their life and health.

People always come away feeling very relaxed and even encouraged to face difficult life challenges. Children also love the process. I often teach this to parents, who in turn, can then do it with their children.

Sessions last 30 to 40 minutes and cost $60

Please email me if you would like a session.