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The Healing Power of Eurythmy - Workshop Based on Truus Geraets’ Book

Who can benefit from these workshops and seminars?

Eurythmists, Eurythmy Therapists, Students of Eurythmy

Teachers, Parents, Grandparents

Students of Medicine and Education

Patients, People in search of wholeness

What benefits can one expect to take home from this?

A greater feeling of well-being

Understanding how to work with individual destinies

Understanding the general healing quality of Eurythmy

Duration of workshops can be between 2 to 5 hours

Eurythmy for Anomalies of the Teeth

This work is a specialty of Truus Geraets since many years. She received this specialty training once in Switzerland and again a year later on the East coast.

She worked successfully with children from kindergarten up to 8th grade, sometimes with adults with issues ranging from overbite, underbite, open bite, crowding, gaps between teeth, those out of line inside or outside of the row of teeth. She was very successful with an 8th grader who did not need surgery to correct the horizontal position of her canines after doing the exercises for 6 weeks. With this method it is not necessary to pull teeth.

This work has a beneficial effect, not just on the teeth, but on the whole person. For it to work, the “patients” come for 7 sessions in 7 weeks, then to do the exercises at home during 5 days a week for 7 weeks. After a pause of 7 weeks we continue as needed in the same rhythm. Some anomalies are easier to correct than others.

For more information or to make an appointment
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Other Offerings

1. Presentation for High School Students on:

The Criminal Justice System in America (90 min.)

Power Point Presentation for Schools

2. The Waldorf initiatives in South Africa

3. How Can One Bring About Change in the World?

Excerpts from the book

The Healing Power of Eurythmy by Truus Geraets

“I am careful to make sure that the atmosphere is light, yet sacred and that neither the children nor adults feel discouraged, but rather, good about what they are doing.”

“One can see why Eurythmy could be called a training ground, whereby one learns to stand in one’s own space and can experience what it means to be centered.”

“By doing Eurythmy, we engage ourselves actively in our own healing process. We may draw on the inexhaustible resources available to us, if we open our hearts and make an effort to connect with the world of the archetypes.”